The trip was filled with cute farm animals, feasting and just a little wine! I had planned to spend the day writing, but the sheer beauty left me speechless…and wordless. Maybe I still suffered from shock. I had created Foresight Maren’s farm and Belamour a few years before, but felt as if I had been plunged into my book.  Instead, I decided to record every landscape detail in my journal and focus on my tastebuds.

Before I visited Italy, I had a clear image of Belamour. I was not expecting to see the image plucked from my thoughts, but the villages cradled against the mountains left me in awe.

Part 1-

On the first morning of our writing retreat at Hotel Cannero on Lago Magiorre, we awoke to brilliant sunshine. The true beauty of Cannero Riviera emerged as we sailed away from the hotel to a farm in the Northern Alps. I knew the day would be filled with beauty, but I had no idea I would find my vision of Belamour in the mountains.

The path to a book holds many inspirations.  The village of Carmine Superiore is off the beaten path, but a true relic of the past. Many pages of Beyond the Hidden Realm were written during a picnic lunch in this medieval gem.