Our writing journeys took us to Lake Orta and Isola San Giulio. We fueled up on some local pasta (i.e. heaven on a plate) and then began exploring.

As a writer, I have found it is often the tiniest details that make a scene come to life. On this day, the details bombarded my senses. Upon our arrival on Isola San Guilio, we were greeted with a creepy cobweb door. Luckily, we avoided finding out what was behind it, but I can tell you the experience made its way into the book as part of the dungeons. The cobwebs flapped in the breeze and even though my stomach turned with pins and needles, I could not look away. After exploring the island, I found a comfortable spot at one of the wells and wrote the afternoon away!


The Kingdom of Belamour from the Beyond the Hidden Realm young adult fantasy series is officially released!

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The medieval village of Belamour sits upon a precipice where for the last 200 years, its inhabitants have lived in peace and prosperity. When raiders from another realm threaten, the villagers must defend their way of life against greed and brutality.

Their battle intensifies when an elderly wanderer arrives with the mysterious secret of an ancient civilization. Past and present collide when he reveals the purpose of his visit, and Belamour is betrayed by its troubled king.