2015 Author Night Out – How to Create Meaning in 8 Minutes

I am thrilled to be a part of the Tracy Library’s upcoming Author Night Out on October 7th! As the date approaches, I have been consumed with my presentation. It is hard to condense my thoughts while writing an 8 minute speech, but instead of focusing on the “what” I have decided to focus on the “why.” Why did I write this book? Why is the Beyond the Hidden Realm series different?

When my daughters were growing up we shared books like the Magic Tree House series, Harry Potter, Ranger’s Apprentice, and the Hobbit. We developed favorite authors such as JRR Tolkien, John Green, and Jodi Picoult.  Sometimes, we read together, but as the girls grew, we would pass the books between us. Our dinner conversations and car trips were spent lost in fictional worlds. A truly special outcome occurred because of our reading time, one made possible through literature. These books were able to relate important life inspirations in a way I never could. If I talked about hope and perseverance I was the annoying Mom, but when Harry Potter learned courage despite adversity it meant something.

The Kingdom of Belamour, and the Beyond the Hidden Realm Series, embraces this philosophy. The tale is for everyone-fantasy and non-fantasy lovers alike. It is meant to inspire as well as entertain. How will I define success? Success will be the joy of knowing another family has experienced the joy of literary bonding!

Libraries and bookstores are the lifeblood of local authors. Please support your local treasures!


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