I had never thought of Italy as a good place to view medieval history, but the northern landscape is dotted with castles. Some structures lay in ruins, but others, like Fenis Castle, contain much of their original splendor. Preservation efforts have allowed this beauty to survive the centuries despite a period of deterioration. Not only is the castle a remarkable structure, but the panoramic views create a fairy tale setting.

As I write, write, write, book two of the Beyond the Hidden Realm series called The Kingdom of Adeleya, I have found northern Italy to be a great inspiration as I build the Sea Realm in my fictional world.


The End

The end is the merger of hope and devastation; blending of sorrow with helplessness. The end is a point where effort fades and resilience is crushed; when state of being relinquishes to fate. The end is not reached; it is thrust upon us. 

When the frail collapse, they taste the dirt; bleed into the earth. Only the strong can taste the dirt and find nourishment. I have been blind too long, a victim of a system long powerless. Change is now the seed, planted deep into the soil; to be watered by need, tended to by the desire for greatness.

King Thorel

Excerpt from The Kingdom of Belamour

by Susan Cunningham

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