Bonus Features!

See the places and things that have inspired Beyond the Hidden Realm


Our beloved family dog, Tucker, passed away in June of 2014. A truly gentle giant, his spirit will live on in print as the inspiration for Arrow.

tucker 2

The White Mountains of New Hampshire

A truly spiritual place. We lost our Old Man on the Mountain in 2003, but the magic of the White Mountains remains.


 Northern Italy

One of the most treasured adventures of my life. Lago Maggiore and the world from a time long past, Carmine Superiore.


Our Trip to Lake Orta

Our writing journeys took us to Lake Orta and Isola San Giulio. We fueled up on some local pasta (i.e. heaven on a plate) and then began exploring.

As a writer, I have found it is often the tiniest details that make a scene come to life. On this day, the details bombarded my senses. Upon our arrival on Isola San Guilio, we were greeted with a creepy cobweb door. Luckily, we avoided finding out what was behind it, but I can tell you the experience made its way into the book as part of the dungeons. The cobwebs flapped in the breeze and even though my stomach turned with pins and needles, I could not look away. After exploring the island, I found a comfortable spot at one of the wells and wrote the afternoon away!

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